Derwent Valley Honey Adoption Agreement


The adoption will commence on the date of delivery for a period of 12 months and will end if the adoptee violates any of the following conditions.

The hive is being neglected.

The hive died. If requested the hive will be replaced and assistance given.

Not giving a representative of Derwent Valley Honey access to the hive at an arranged time unless unforeseen circumstances arise.

Derwent Valley Honey will supply the hive; the adoptee will be responsible for supplying their own beekeeping equipment such as hive tool, bee suit, smoker and metal bucket unless other arrangements are made. 


The adoptee shall be entitled to custody of the bee hive on the date of delivery specified in this agreement and shall surrender possession to Derwent Valley Honey after a period of 12 months or if the adoptee decides to discontinue possessing the hive or is unable to maintain or care for the hive for any reason. 

Derwent Valley Honey retains the right to recover the hive from the property if reports of neglect are received from the public.


If any malicious damage is done to the hive, the adoptee must immediately repair such damage at their own expense, including damage to the hive body and frames.


The adoptee will have the option to purchase a split from the hive at a cost of will be at fair market value.

This is for a honeybee colony only consisting of 1 queen bee and enough worker honeybees to ensure colony viability. For this option, the adoptee must supply a hive to house the colony. If they wish to purchase an eight framed nuc the cost will be at fair market value.   

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