Derwent Valley Beekeepers Association Execuitive Team
Lori Lakos

As a child I was intrigued by bees after watching my father caring for his two hives and spinning honey in an extractor he had converted from an old wringer washing machine tub. Nineteen years ago I had the opportunity to attend a basic beekeeping course run by Peter Norris. After obtaining my own hives and with some failings and successes along the way, I came to understand the wonder of honeybees and how they fit into the environment. Like Peter, I came to love them and have made some great friends in the beekeeping world.

VICE President
Phillip Bingley

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Rob Bell

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Events Officer
Position Vacant

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Public Officer
Laki Anagnostis

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Technology Officer
Thomas Lakos

I have extensive life experience in many different fields, including security, IT, and catering. In 2004, I earned a diploma in network engineering, and I haven’t looked back since. I started a little business where I rent out servers to people for different purposes.

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